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December 2, 2016
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March 7, 2019
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As you probably know…

I live in Colorado. 

It doesn’t get Minnesota cold but it can get cold.

There’s this guy with a big truck near my house who sits on a vacant corner.

I see him all of the time.


Sitting in one of those collapsible fold out chairs you take to soccer games.

He’s selling bundles of firewood out of the bed of his truck…

He just sits out there, for hours on end, selling his firewood…

(I dunno if this guy makes any money or not…)

But there’s a problem:

This guy…

Is only out there on the nice days…

Like, yesterday it was pushing 70 degrees outside.

And sure enough…

The guy was out there…

Wearing his redneck standard issue dusty jeans and a made-to-be-sleeveless, plaid flannel shirt…

And he’s out there sitting in his soccer chair next to his truck, selling firewood.

Now, here’s the problem: 

Who the HELL is thinking about buying firewood when it’s 73 degrees outside?

Now, whenever I drive by and the seat heater and steering wheel heater hasn’t kicked in yet and I would love to buy a bundle or 5 of his firewood…

This guy ghosts me, never se him.

THOSE are the days that people are looking to buy firewood for their fireplace…

But this guy?

This guy makes a classic mistake…

(Something I see people make online ALL the time…)

This guy failed to align a problem (it’s cold), with his solution (firewood) with his target customer (people who are cold and want to be warm).

He’s out there selling to a problem that doesn’t exist, offering a solution nobody wants, to people in tank tops and flip flops.

Mow his issue is a market timing thing right.

But this problem is almost universal with new entrepreneurs. 

Unless you have perfect alignment between the problem you solve, the solution you offer, and the person who cares – nobody will buy.

But when you do have perfect alignment between a problem, your solution, and a person who cares about both, THEY BUY.

Too often people say, “I’ve got this amazing idea, and NOW I’m gonna go out there and SELL it…” 

Some people promote the idea that you’re just “One funnel away”.

As with most things in life, there’s more to it than that.


(And btw – this isn’t just a NEWBIE mistake either. I see this happen with the 7 and 8 figure businesses… All. The. Time.)

So this guy who’s selling firewood?

He should SKIP the days when it’s 70 degrees outside.

And on those days?

He should be spending time with his family enjoying the weather.

Maybe catch a soccer game. He’s got the right chair!

Now, the days when it’s 32 degrees? 

(And as we like to say in Colorado, if you don’t like the weather, wait 5 mins.)

THOSE are the days when he’d have perfect alignment between problem, solution, and customer.

ANd he’d be selling like a boss.

So here’s the big marketing lesson in all of this:

You MUST have perfect alignment between the problem you solve, the solution you offer and the customer who cares about both.

When you nail it…

They buy.

You see…

So many people focus on their solution as the bees knees.

But here’s the thing…

When you are selling a hammer and you haven’t crystalized the problem it solves and the people with it.

Everything looks like a nail. 

The person in the car driving home, freezing his tail off when it’s 32 degrees outside…

They will scream take my money.

The person in a tank top and flip flops doesn’t give a SH*T about your firewood dude.

I’ll explain ways to do this in a couple upcoming emails…

THAT is the secret to making cold traffic work…

It all starts with aligning problem > solution > customer…

It makes your sales funnel work like clockwork.

And if that’s something you want some help with?

Well get your country butt moving and

Oh and here’s a freebie we call the DNA Framework that will help you Define, Narrow, and Align the problem you solve, with the solution you offer with the customer who cares.


PS – thank you once again for trusting in me and yourself to make this happen!

PPS – I had a entrepreneur to entrepreneur talk with him… he’s since scaled his business a bit 🙂