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September 19, 2016
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November 2, 2016
Our drinks came and she said, "I have an idea…".

“For what…?”, I said.
“For a web and mobile app… Actually, I’ve been playing with it in my mind for a while now…"
“Awesome! Charissa the Entrepreneur! Are you going to do it?”, I asked.
“Yeah… Maybe… I don’t know… it’s just an idea. I mean, I totally know what I want to do, I have this thing in my head … a vision I guess… but I’m no engineer and well, there's a lot of..."
I cut in, “Ahem… you know I’m an engineer, right… I write software all day everyday..."
“Well yeah but that’s not it…”, she said drifting off in thought.

I could see she was torn, after a minute I asked softly, “Charissa, what is it?"

All I have is an idea. I see this problem and think I can solve it. Which is good. I know you can write code and that’s good too but… there's like a million other things we know nothing about and I don’t want to stupid about this. I know most startups fail."

“Charissa, you’re the smartest, most capable person I know. If anyone can figure it out you can.” I said.

“Thank you, you’re sweet.” she said.

She spun to face me on the barstool and continued…. “Here’s the thing, I saw that movie… The one where the crazy farmer hears voices telling him, ‘If you build it they will come…’ He does, and they do, but it doesn’t work that way. At least not in the startup world. If it were that easy so many smart, hardworking, people just like me with an idea or just like you who can code wouldn’t fail as often as they do."

I leaned back and took a pull of my beer. At first, I thought, this fear and hesitation didn’t sound like the Charissa I know. She is smart, talented, self-confident, accomplished, unafraid… She’s the one person I know who can do anything she sets her mind to. And then it hit me…

She’s not afraid, she just knows there are things she does not know. Add self-aware to her list of what makes her awesome.

She’s going to figure this out before she starts.
She’s won't run blindly into a minefield hoping for the best like so many others do.
This is her secret. She doesn’t rely on random acts of strategy!

She’s brilliant. (note to self - put a ring on it)

Seeing a big fat grin on my face, she smiles back and says, “what?”.

to be continued...

Charissa is spot on. 90% of startups don’t survive their first year. The ones that do fall into 2 camps… those who got lucky and captured lightning in a bottle. (good luck replicating that…:) and those, like Charissa, who consciously create what Tony Robbins calls, “Asymmetrical Risk Reward”.

People who succeed in life, wealth, company building stack the odds in their favor. They predestine, almost guarantee their success from the get go.

Like Charissa, they refuse to rely on hope, random acts of strategy, or figuring it out on the fly. Start stacking the odds in your favor and register for this webinar.


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