How to tell if your product idea is Great? Good? or Bad…
September 15, 2016
Having a wonderfully, inspirational, nuanced, creative, and unique idea, as ironic as it sounds, the easy part. If the idea is the first step, below are 8 things you get when you make sure your second step is headed in the right direction.
Creating something from nothing isn't easy. Going from idea to launch is an incredible journey. Starting that journey correctly, in the right direction, prepared for battle (so to speak), ready for challenges, knowing there are unknowable unknowns just over the horizon is part of what makes entrepreneuring so rewarding and also nerve racking.
Entrepreneuring is not for the faint of heart but it's also not a club reserved for the anointed few we read about in profiles in Forbes or Fortune.

The wonderful time we live in allows us the luxury to stand on the shoulders of giants and leverage the expertise, the mistakes, the triumphs, the methods, and the techniques proven to take ideas from concept to launch in record time.

The first step is to actually recognize — and own up to — the challenges. The good news is that others have gone before us and can show us the path. Not out of of some divine brilliance they possess but because they, most likely, have stepped in the hole you are about to step in and can guide you around it. (Awesome!)

Good judgement comes from experience and experience comes from bad judgement.

Someone with good judgement

Yes, you can learn from other's mistakes but not only that, you can layer on successful product strategy, design, development methods that are proven to work.

What does this buy you?

  1. Not having to reinvent the wheel.
  2. An accelerated path to success.
  3. Fewer mistakes resulting in wasted time, money, and energy.
  4. Sighting in on your product/market fit bullseye vs missing the target completely.
  5. Reduced stress, anxiety, frustration, fear, uncertainty, doubt, and guesswork.
  6. A more fun experience doing something hard.
  7. Better relationships, saved marriages, and retained friendships. (I kid you not)
  8. A nearly infinitely greater chance of success vs going it alone and figuring it out.
The most successful entrepreneurs surround themselves with people who can help them achieve their goals.

Entrepreneurs are fearsome beasts full of confidence but in order to succeed, they require the brilliance of others.

The magic of your idea will come when and only when it becomes real.

Do yourself a solid and Stand on the Shoulders of Giants DAY 1 in your journey. You’ll be well on your way toward achieving your goals.

If you'd like to talk with someone who's done it before and make sure your next step is headed in the right direction, I encourage you to set up a call. We've opened up 9 slots on our calendar for a free call to talk about your strategy. If you'd welcome a second opinion we'll give you ours. Careful, given the strategy call is free, our opinion might be worth just what you paid for it. lol.


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