Rising to the Challenge
June 12, 2019
People Buy Brilliant.
June 12, 2019
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The FIRST anything is the hardest. 

The first sale in your company, the first mile of your run, the first sentence on a blank sheet of paper…

Going from zero to 1 can be hard but once you’ve done it… getting to 2 is easier.

You’ve knocked the rough edges off and solved all of the “FIRST” stuff.

Your path to 2 is smoothed out, your technology is setup, your marketing funnel is in place. 

Then you get to 2.

Then 3, then 4, 5, 6, 7…

And your confidence skyrockets [and so will your income]

This is what’s known as the domino effect.

Did you know you could start with a domino 1 inch tall and with just 28 dominos knock down a domino a mile high?! Yes I’m serious.

Your first step… your first client… your FIRST anything has power.

I created a presentation that reveals how the World’s Best Marketers take their first step, achieve mile high success, earn more, and work less. 

You can watch it here.