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March 7, 2019
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My 1st launch failed big time.

By failed I mean it was a tire fire, thrown into a dumpster fire, then a train wrecked into it. 

I had exactly 0 sales.

So I tried again. 1 sale.

Demoralizing? Humiliating? Confusing? Uhh, yeah. 

Let’s rewind a sec…

I should have known better.

Very successful paid me tons of money to build sophisticated sales & marketing funnels for them. 

Like fancy ones. 

They worked really well.

Like really, really well.

Like $100,000,00+ well.


I was a pro, I thought.

I knew how to sell my expertise like a boss, I said.

I going to kill it from day one, I said.

My problem will be what will I do with all of the money. 

Like Walter White in Breaking Bad. 

I’ll need to rent storage lockers for all the cash.

I’ll need 2 big hangars…

One for my cars and one for my planes.

Actually, make it 3 hangars, storage lockers won’t be big enough.

Bill Gates will be calling asking for a donation to his foundation.

The billionaire’s pledge they call it, right?

No doubt.

Or so said my over inflated ego.

After I scraped myself off the ground and received a good talking to from my coach

I realized what the problem was (ahem, me)  I tried again. 

3rd time’s a charm.


It’s been going up every year since.

What I did differently between launch #1 to launch #3 to today is both minor and massive at the same time. 

It’s kinda like watching Steph Curry shoot 3-pointers. 

I can see him do it. 

Understand the basics of shooting 3’s. 

But when I try and do it… 

CLANG. I shoot a brick. 

I realized I was off by a little… with everything. 
My Avatar 
My List 
My Offer 
My Message
My Copy & Videos
My Funnel
All of the tools and tech 

Being just a little off in multiple areas magnified each mistake to produce the launch #1 disaster.

Being close doesn’t count.

Small tweaks make big peaks.

I sent my dumb ass ego packing and went back to eating my own cooking.

Like I said, I should have known better.

I follow the formula that I know works.

It’s simple on the surface and deep and rich.

And it works like clockwork.

Once it’s in place, it scales like a monster.

If you’d like it on 1-page here you go.[**********LINK**********]

Humbly yours,

Peter “Tire Fire” Hoskins

PS – BTW, Bill has yet to call. 

PPS – I ditched the DBag 3 hangar idea but am still working to give it all away one day.

That will be awesome. 

Just don’t tell my kids.