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March 7, 2019
Rising to the Challenge
June 12, 2019
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By failed I mean it was a tire fire, thrown into a dumpster fire, then a train wrecked into it. 

I had exactly 0 sales.

So I tried again. 1 sale.

Demoralizing? Humiliating? Confusing? Uhh, yeah. 

Let’s rewind a sec…

I should have known better.

I had built a ton of sophisticated sales funnels.

That worked really well.

Like really, really well.

Like $100,000,000+ well.


My problem will be what will I do with all of the money. 

Like Walter White in Breaking Bad. 

I’ll need to rent storage lockers for all the cash.

No doubt.

Or so said my over inflated ego.

After I scraped myself off the ground and received a good talking to from my coach

I realized what the problem was (ahem, me) I tried again. 

3rd time’s a charm.


And now… we’re well past 7-figures.

What I did differently between launch #1 to launch #3 to today is both minor and massive at the same time. 

It’s kinda like watching Steph Curry shoot 3-pointers. 

I can see him do it. 

Understand the basics of shooting 3’s. 

But when I try and do it… 

CLANG. I shoot a brick. 

I realized I was off by a little… with everything. 

My Avatar 

My List 

My Offer 

My Message

My Copy & Videos

My Funnel

All of the tools and tech 

Being just a little off in multiple areas magnified each mistake to produce the launch #1 disaster.

Being close doesn’t count.

Small tweaks make big peaks.

I sent my ego packing and went back to eating my own cooking.

Like I said, I should have known better.

I follow the formula that I know works.

It’s simple on the surface and deep and rich.

And it works like clockwork.

Once it’s in place, it scales like a monster.

Learn about it here.