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June 12, 2019
Avoiding First Launch Failure
July 2, 2019
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“It’ll be easy”, they said. 

“Just launch”, they said.

“You’re 1 funnel away”, they said.

Then why does every online marketing program feel like you just bought a car that you have to assemble yourself?

Or even worse, a bookcase from IKEA. 

There are a million moving parts that all have to somehow work together to even work at all.

Everybody buys into the idea that ‘It’s easy’. 

Kinda like hitting a golf ball is “easy”. 

It’s easy in principal.

But in practice it’s a whole different animal. 

Shoulders dip. Big sigh.

The thing is…

The online marketing learning curve can kill your earning curve.

The other thing is…

You are already brilliant at something. It’s your gift, your superpower. 

People Buy Brilliant

Peter hoskins

So be brilliant.


Do THE ONE THING only you can do. 

Ditch non-essentials, Delegate essentials, Do what only you can do. 

The following is totally obvious but still worth saying…

The sooner you get your funnel built, the sooner you make money.

The more time you spend leveraging your strengths, the more money you make.

The longer it takes you to launch, the greater the odds you never will. 

Spending your precious time building sales funnels isn’t what you should be doing.





PS – To make it easier for you… here’s a great resource. Let me know how it all works.