My first launch failed, like big time.
March 7, 2019
Getting Started – From 0 to 1.
June 12, 2019
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Marketing & selling your expertise online can be challenging.

When we put ourselves out there, we must rise to the challenge.

Most consultants, coaches, counselors, and online course creators struggle getting everything just to work let alone work well. It’s frustrating…

Weeks turn into months as we try to… generate leads with some consistency, fight with the technology that’s supposed to be helping us, getting confused by complex marketing ideas…

We work super hard to get it all right and when we turn it on, when we launch…

It bombs… hardly a click, hardly any leads, nobody even watches reads all we’ve created…

Not surprisingly… the sales we hoped and worked hard for aren’t there.

That’s when we realize something’s missing. 

We’ve seen the success stories, we know it *can* be done, 

So what’s missing…

How do they generate high quality leads every day like clockwork?

How can I communicate my message so it resonates with them like I’m a brother from another mother or a sister from another mister?

How do I get the technology working and doing the heavy lifting for me?

How do I get people to buy?

It might feel like an impossible task but I promise you it’s not.

I have two 8-figure and two 9-figure businesses under my belt and I’ve been teaching entrepreneurs like you how to sell online for nearly a decade. 

To help, I’ve created an amazing resource for you called – “Breaking Through – The 5 Simple Steps to Turn a 100K/year Idea into a 100K/month business.