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November 2, 2016
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November 14, 2016
Ashley bursts in arms raised, "TANNER! Dude!!!!! Waassssup!"

“Ashley my love… here’s the thing, nobody says those last 2 words anymore and girls never did.”

Brings her phone to her face, “Siri, put the shadecaster on mute so I can listen… you hear that Tanner… that’s what awesome sounds like!" Laughing and handing her a glass of wine I say, “OK I’ll bite. How’d your day go?"

“Thank you for asking sweet Tanner. It’s not just today it’s the past year.” She plops on the couch puts her feet on the table and takes a solid swig of her Gary Ferrell Chard. “Oh... where shall I begin…"


Ashley had quit her job to “live the startup dream" with a friend/workfriend.

After 10 months of 80 hour weeks they were nowhere and had spent most of their limited money. They had tried and failed and switched directions 3 times. I’ve learned this is called “PIVOTING”. It used to be called something else but she’s smart and was working her ass off. I believed she’d figure it out.

After one of our now regular arguments, I was out and ran into Ryan, I hadn’t seen him in years. He hops out of a sweet Tesla and I say, “Dude!!! Wassssup!” He laughs at me. We hang out and catch up and I end up telling him Ashley’s story. Things got quiet.

He looks at me and says, “3 years ago I was Ashley, but way worse. I started a company with 2 guys and it completely failed. I lost everything, my money, health, quality of life, friends, and my credibility was shot. I was in debt, living in my parents garage at 32. Who does that!? I felt like total loser."

I’m thinking, 'crap, Ashley’s not even close to the bottom yet.'

"Then one day I decided to stop losing. I realized there WAS a way to succeed, I just wasn’t on the inside to know what it was."

With a 2 finger hand wave, I say, "That’s it? Some kind of Jedi mind trick?”

“Listen my padawan,” he explains, "It became my mission to figure out why 90% of startups fail so I could not repeat their dumb mistakes; and to pinpoint why 10% of startups succeed so I could repeat theirs. I cracked it man. Life’s been ridiculous ever since."

“The Tesla?”

“Ha! Not even close. I said LIFE has been ridiculous…"

To be continued...

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