I spent 2 years spinning my wheels and getting nowhere,
Peter's program slingshotted me to my first sale in 3 weeks to the day!

Danelle D.


Days With Zero Sales


Days to 1st Sale

Peter Hoskins

Earning more and working less is a pretty universal goal. It means freedom to work when and how you'd like and the income to live the life you've dreamed of.

The challenge most entrepreneurs struggle with is getting everything done and working well without wasting tremendous time and money through trial and error.

At RARECURVE, we've created a framework called the RARECURVE Accelerator that does two things very well.
#1 it compresses the time it takes to get your first client.
#2 it simplifies everything so your leads and sales start happening all day, every day like clockwork.
Our goal is to accelerate the learning curve so you can get to your earning curve.
I've been the CEO of 4 companies. Combined, they've generated more than $1 Billion in revenue. Now I help hundreds of entrepreneurs every year navigate the most important step they will ever take in their business,
- their first.

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My purpose is to help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams so they never have to wonder what might have been.