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In today’s highly competitive market, businesses need a strong advertising plan to stay ahead of their competition. The digital age has changed the way businesses approach advertising, and a one-size-fits-all formula just won’t cut it anymore. That’s where RARECURVE comes in. As a top-performing digital agency, RARECURVE provides multi-channel advertising campaigns that drive revenue and guarantee a return on investment.

RARECURVE is proud to be in the top 1% of digital ad agencies nationwide. Their AI-powered, human-curated, data-driven campaigns work effectively to increase leads and sales. Their clients have seen an average return on investment in advertising of 7.2x, a testament to their effectiveness.

“We provide top-performing multi-channel advertising campaigns for small to medium businesses,” says a representative from RARECURVE. “Our programs drive revenue, are 100% done-for-you and 100%+ROI guaranteed”


RARECURVE makes advertising easy for businesses. Their team handles everything from advertising to creative, copy, campaign execution, reporting, and ongoing optimization. This 100% done-for-you service is designed to give businesses more time to focus on what they do best: running their business.

“We add the fuel so you can run your business,” says the representative from RARECURVE.


One of the unique promises made by RARECURVE is their guarantee of results. They are so confident in the results businesses will see that they offer a 100%+ return guarantee.

“We are so confident in the results you’ll see, we guarantee a 100%+ return,” says the representative from RARECURVE.


RARECURVE offers multi-channel advertising campaigns that are designed to reach customers where they spend the most time. This includes social media advertising campaigns that use pinpoint targeting and have access to 83% of adults every month who spend more than 61 minutes per day on Facebook and Instagram. The old saying, “Fish where the fish are,” rings true with RARECURVE’s multi-channel approach to advertising.

In addition to social media advertising campaigns, RARECURVE offers a Page 1 Google Search Keywords Campaign. This campaign is designed to ensure that businesses are seen on Google search. With 95% of all search clicks coming from being on page 1, it’s essential that businesses are visible where their customers are searching.

Another focused advertisement that RARECURVE provides is Hyper Local Map Search Ad Campaign. This campaign is designed to ensure that businesses are visible on Google and Apple Maps. With 49% of all local search traffic clicks happening on Google and Apple Maps, not every business’s map pin is shown, but with RARECURVE’s map search ad campaign businesses can stand out from the crowd.

RARECURVE also offers an Omni-Present Web Ad Campaign. This campaign is designed to ensure that businesses’ ads are visible wherever their ideal customers are on the internet. By using cookies and targeted advertising, RARECURVE guarantees that businesses’ ideal customers will see their ads wherever they go online.

Last but not least, RARECURVE offers an Email, Direct Mail, & SMS Marketing Program. This program focuses on proactive outreach via email, real-time direct mail, and SMS. Multi-channel marketing produces 300% more ROI than a single channel alone.

“We focus on multi-channel advertising campaigns that work,” says the representative from RARECURVE. “Our system is designed to deliver your ads to your ideal customers wherever they are.”


RARECURVE’S unique promise is their guaranteed results. Statistics show that their campaigns work. Their clients have seen an average return on investment in advertising of 7.2x, a testament to their effectiveness.

“Advertising is the fuel for business growth,” says the representative from RARECURVE. “Our average return on advertising investment is 7.2x.”


RARECURVE has a simple three-step process that makes it easy for businesses to get started.

Step 1: Schedule a call and get your questions answered.

Step 2: RARECURVE will evaluate whether they can help your business.

Step 3: Once onboarded, RARECURVE will handle everything.

“We make the process simple, fast, and low effort for businesses,” says the representative from RARECURVE.


RARECURVE has ten years of experience in digital advertising. They provide top-performing multi-channel advertising campaigns designed for small to medium-size businesses. RARECURVE has been recognized with over 20 performance awards for their effectiveness.

“We are fortunate to have worked with some of the biggest brands in the world, including Nike, Victorias Secret, and Nintendo,” says the representative from RARECURVE. “We’ve distilled that world-class expertise into perfectly designed advertising programs just for you.”


RARECURVE has received positive testimonials from their clients.

Chris Sullivan, an attorney, said, “I had tried other internet and mobile marketing companies and was disappointed at the mediocre results, then I met Peter at Rarecurve. Immediately, I realized that these guys are on an entirely different level. They didn’t just talk about analytics, they spoke about human interaction and what motivates people to engage. I gave them a shot, and presto… Things began to change. They actually delivered the clients we want, specific targeted marketing at a price point that we could afford. I wish I met them sooner. Bravo to Rarecurve and many, many thanks.”

Davina Stanley, an author, coach, and consultant, said, “I have worked with Peter at Rarecurve for a couple of years and found him to be wonderfully helpful across a number of fronts. He has been able to explain the online marketing world in a way that makes clear and simple sense and also execute on some highly effective campaigns. It has been a pleasure to work with him, and I can thoroughly recommend him to you.”


In conclusion, RARECURVE offers effective multi-channel advertising campaigns that guarantee results. With over ten years of experience and recognized as a top-performing digital agency, businesses can trust RARECURVE to provide them with the advertising they need to succeed. Their simple three-step process, combined with their 100% done-for-you program, makes it easy for businesses to get started. Get in touch with RARECURVE and talk to an expert today.