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In today’s digital age, advertising has become more crucial than ever before. Customers are continually bombarded with media messages every day. Therefore, it is essential to have a clean, easy-to-understand, and targeted advertising campaign to engage your audience.

RARECURVE is a digital advertising agency that makes your work easier by handling everything related to advertising campaigns, from designing creative campaigns to executing them with utmost precision. The company is among the top 1% of digital advertising agencies in the country and provides top-performing multi-channel advertising campaigns for small to medium businesses.

Furthermore, the agency’s unique selling point is its 100% done-for-you advertising campaign programs that are cross-functional and entail a 100%+ROI guarantee.

AI Powered, Human Curated, Data Driven Campaigns That Work

RARECURVE utilizes AI-powered, data-driven approaches alongside human expertise to curate advertising campaigns that provide desired results. Therefore, the company provides companies with cutting-edge advertising campaigns that deliver on various advertising needs. From creating banners, videos, and customized graphics, the agency provides a comprehensive solution for businesses that seek the best marketing outcomes.

Easy, Effective, Results: We Add The Fuel So You Can Run Your Business

Advertising campaigns require continuous management and updates to ensure relevancy and effectiveness. With RARECURVE, the company handles everything from the initial planning and designing of your advertising campaign to the day-to-day management and tracking. The agency offers a worry-free, turnkey solution for your advertising needs, allowing you to focus on growing your company’s core business activities without interference.

Guaranteed Results: Our Unique Promise

RARECURVE stands behind its products and services, and the company guarantees a minimum of a 100% return on all its advertising campaigns. The agency has provided more than 20,000 employers with their services, resulting in over 3,000 happy clients. Moreover, the company has won over 20 performance awards throughout the years, underlining the company’s commitment to delivering outstanding advertising results.

Simple, Fast, Low Effort Results

Online advertising campaigns require constant maintenance to provide the desired results and maximum ROI. Outsourcing this task to an agency such as RARECURVE saves companies valuable time and resources. Furthermore, the agency’s performance and dedication to delivering quality results enable it to secure new clients continually. RARECURVE takes the worry out of being an entrepreneur by providing an easy, cost-effective advertising solution that helps businesses reach their marketing goals.

Advertising is the Fuel for Business Growth: 7.2X Average Return on Advertising Investment

It is essential for businesses of all sizes to invest in advertising campaigns to stay ahead of their competitors. RARECURVE delivers an average return on an investment of 7.2X for all its customers, highlighting the company’s capability to generate profits for the clients. The ROI of advertising is an essential metric that businesses should track to ensure they are getting the most value from their advertising budget.

Multi-Channel Social Media Ad Campaigns: Facebook + Instagram

Social media has become a crucial platform for companies to connect with their customers. Facebook and Instagram provide pinpoint targeting and access to 83% of adults every month, who spend over 61 minutes per day. RARECURVE’s social media ads campaign is a unique yet effective method that delivers personalized ads that excite and engage your audience, ultimately driving revenue for your business.

Page 1 Google Search Keywords Campaign

95% of all search clicks come from being on page 1 of Google. Therefore, having a strong Google Search Keywords Campaign is essential to improve your online visibility. RARECURVE helps businesses achieve this by providing page 1 keyword results for all its clients. The company utilizes AI-powered and data-driven analyses to optimize the campaign strategies and maximize results.

Hyper-Local Map Search Ad Campaign

Advertising your company’s location on Google and Apple Maps can help improve your company’s online presence. However, not all businesses are shown on the maps, limiting their reach. RareCurve’s Hyper-Local Map Search Ad Campaign ensures that your company is visible on Google and Apple maps, driving more traffic to your business.

Omni-Present Web Ad Campaign

Consumers today have exposure to a wide range of platforms, from mobile phones, laptops to smart TVs. RareCurve’s omni-present web ad campaign enables businesses to reach their ideal audience across all possible platforms effectively. The agency uses AI-powered and data-driven analyses to optimize ad placements, ensuring maximum results.

Email, Direct Mail, & SMS Marketing Program

Email, Direct Mail, and SMS are effective strategies for businesses to engage customers who leave their website without making a purchase. Furthermore, Multi-Channel Marketing produces 300% more ROI than a single-channel campaign. RARECURVE’s marketing program sends frequent and positive proactive outreach via email, real-time direct mail, and SMS to engage customers that may be interested in your business. The program provides a comprehensive solution that drives more traffic to your business through multiple channels.

Current Customer Retention & Expansion

It is essential for businesses to nurture their existing client base alongside acquiring new customers. This approach is vital to maintain customer loyalty and enjoy an excellent ROI. RARECURVE’s customer retention and expansion program helps businesses maximize patient retention and revenue with their current customers. The program aims to win back some past customers by using data-driven insights to personalize marketing campaigns.

About Us: 10 Years of Experience, Top 1% in Results

RARECURVE’s approach to digital advertising is the amalgamation of expertise derived from working with some of the most prominent brands worldwide, such as Nike, Victoria’s Secret, and Nintendo. The company utilizes this wealth of experience to curate advertising programs that are uniquely tailored for each business. The agency is particularly adept at creating highly effective campaigns that provide exceptional performance results.


RARECURVE has helped thousands of businesses achieve the desired results from their advertising campaigns. Here are some testimonials from satisfied clients.

Chris Sullivan, Attorney, says, “They actually delivered the clients we want… Specific targeted marketing at a price point that we could afford. I wish I met them sooner. Bravo to Rarecurve.”

Kyle Ford, Dentist, says, “Working with RARECURVE has helped grow my practice with little to no effort on my part. They handle everything, which has been fantastic! They allow me to focus on my time with my patients. I recommend them for your marketing and business needs.”

Deanna Cambeiro, Cosmetic Surgery & Med Spa, says, “Amazing results, superior service! Rarecurve is dedicated to providing cutting-edge targeted marketing.”

Final Thoughts

RARECURVE provides an excellent solution for businesses that require ease and affordability in their advertising campaigns without compromising on quality. The agency’s commitment to providing top-performing multi-channel advertising campaigns for small to medium businesses and its proven track record makes it an ideal choice for businesses looking to achieve their marketing goals without breaking the bank. Contact them today, and take your business to new heights!